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Based in Montreal, Studio 55 brings the photo studio to you with its mobile unit, offering on-location services for your convenience. it’s with a professional, human and friendly approach that we promise to bring out the best in your team members. Whether for professional portraits, corporate photography of your team “in action” or to document your events, you can rely on us for most pleasant and competent of photo shoots for your business.

Corporate Photographer Montreal

For professional portraits against a background, within your work environment or group photos, we offer on-site service that is friendly, efficient and guaranteed.

Get professional results from an experienced photographer, prompt turnaround, top-level retouching and exceptional service.

Montreal corporate photographer

Promote your team in its workplace through a guided, semi-candid style to show the entrepreneurial quality of your business.

Presenting your team with a personal approach will present your busianess to your customers more effectively than buying stock images. 

Just like your company, your images should be distinctive.

Montreal Event Photographer

You can depend on us to cover your galas, award ceremonies & conferences with creativity & flair !

Keeping up-to-date, and understanding the importance of social media distribution, we guarantee your images will be available when you need them. On-site printing services also available. 

Opt for a free consultation to help you better understand the specific needs of your project and make the right choice of photographer.


Anne Cliche | Management advisor | Innergex


The photos speak for themselves, the end results are always spectacular





Photographer Montreal

With 20 years of experience as a photographer in Montreal, Pat Pinotti, owner of Studio 55 Productions, is as passionate about photography today, as he was in when he founded his first studio in Montreal.

His natural, friendly and creative style is his trademark. In this sense, he constantly strives to capture the essence of your event and the best of yourself.

Highly dependable to create remarkable images, a hassle-free mind-set, with special attention to providing an excellent customer experience. You’ll be convinced from your first visit.

Paul Fournier has served as the second in command for over 15 years, effectively contributing to the growth of Studio 55. 


Paul is characterized by his unwavering commitment to precision and attention to detail. Paul excels as a camera technician, specializing in interiors, buildings, architecture, and product photography. He can also seamlessly operate drones, capturing breathtaking perspectives.

Through the years, he has navigated the challenges of various prestigious events, showcasing not only his technical prowess but also his ability to work efficiently under pressure. Paul brings a creative touch to his work through his keen photo editing skills. 

Montreal photographer photography copy.jpg
  • Do I need to visit a studio, or can you come to my location?
    We specialize in on-site services, bringing our expertise directly to you. Our business model is designed for mobility.  This approach offers a significant advantage, allowing you to seamlessly integrate our services into your workday. By eliminating the need to travel to a studio, you save valuable time that would otherwise be lost to traveling to us. While we set up, you can continue working without disruption. For individual sessions, we can even arrange to set up in your home office, providing a convenient and tailored experience.
  • How does the process of capturing our company portraits unfold?
    To begin, we'll identify the specific type of headshots you require, considering factors such as background preferences or an office environment setting. This decision-making process can be facilitated through a complimentary on-site visit. On the actual day of the shoot, our team arrives approximately 45 minutes ahead of time. We generally set up, at a designated space, similar to a small meeting room (10’x14’). We can adapt to smaller spaces when necessary. Once completed we’ll dismantle our equipment, leaving the space exactly as we found it.
  • How long does it take for our employees to be photographed?
    Taking employee portraits usually takes between 5 to 7 minutes per person. We can also bring in an external monitor for people to choose their own photos, saving administrators from having to manage the choices of all employees. It's important to note that this process will prolong each session, so we recommend scheduling employees at 10-minute intervals.
  • What occurs after the photoshoot, and what is the timeline for further steps?
    Following the photoshoot, you can expect to receive an online proof gallery within approximately 3 business days, with expedited delivery available for high-priority requests. Before reaching this stage, the decision regarding whether to proceed with retouching is typically made by the company. In cases where no retouching is necessary, you are free to download all the images directly. For those opting for retouching services, the final image selection is left in the hands of management. Once the chosen images are provided to us, the retouching process begins, taking approximately 3-5 days, depending on the quantity. Urgent requests can be accommodated with quicker turnaround times.
  • Will you be retouching the photos?
    Yes, we do offer retouching as a very reasonable-priced option. The vast majority do take this choice. Most will agree there is substantial added value in an enhanced, polished appearance of your headshot. Our approach to retouching is both reasonable and delicate. As a general practice, our retouching process involves subtle enhancements such as softening the skin, lightening shadows under the eyes and whitening teeth. In the event you have an unexpected spot or blemish on the day of the shoot, there's no cause for concern, as these imperfections can be addressed and removed during the final editing process. Your satisfaction and comfort with the final result is our priority.
  • What are your rates?
    Our company rate starts at $525.00, including travel time and setup. This includes up to 2 hours of on-site sessions. Retouching rates are contingent on the number of employees (if requested). Considering the investment in the time and effort dedicated to having your photo taken, we strongly recommend opting for professional retouching, available through Studio 55, your website administrator, or one of your internal experts.
  • I’m not photogenic and feel awkward when being photographed.
    We certainly understand that you're not professional models. We have extensive experience working with the general public to ensure you feel comfortable and confident. Combine this with proven lighting techniques and ongoing guidance when posing will ensure your best features are revealed.  The best advice we can give you is to be yourself and stay relaxed.
  • How can I look my best?
    For a professional business headshot, it's advisable to avoid exclusively white clothing. While a white or light-coloured blouse or shirt is acceptable, pairing it with a darker jacket or complementary item is preferable. Medium blues and grays, as well as earth tones generally work well. In certain situations, an all-black outfit may be suitable for specific company preferences. Clothing with large stripes or square patterns, as well as overly bright colours should be avoided. Opt for discreet jewelry, although in artistic environments, bolder choices can be appealing. Consider subtle accessories like broches, light scarves, or pocket squares to enhance your professional look. Lastly, if you have a beard, trim it and/or shave it on the day of the photoshoot.
  • Do you provide makeup/hairdresser services?
    While you typically don't require makeup and hair services, we can book, facilitate, and collaborate with these professionals on your behalf for a seamless experience. Make up for photography purposes should go on about 10% more than usual. Wearing makeup/foundation will reduce the appearance of shiny skin and would recommend applying makeup if you you feel this is something you wish to conceal a little. 
  • Can you take some group photos or team in action as well?
    Absolutely. Maximize your investment. Since we're already on-site, it's cost-effective to capture group photos of management teams, your office space, or the team in action. We can also provide photography of special equipment or products. Let us know what you have in mind. We would be pleased to discuss and prepare an estimate with various options for you to choose from.
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