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For your professional image

The corporate portrait has many uses: whether for social network profiles, for a web page, to identify team members, for conference purposes or other purposes, keeping an up-to-date portrait has never been so important.

We are specialized in medium and large companies, offering several solutions to ensure a constant visual quality and representative of your business. For individual portraits or for members of your executive committee, our photographer Pat travels with his equipment for a friendly, simple and professional session, whether on a mounted background or in your working environment. We rely on a human and pleasant approach to bring out the best in you.

Corporate Photography Montreal

A human experience

Trust Pat’s experience, he’ll guide you through the posing process, and direct you using tips and skills he acquired to ensure he brings out the very best in you. Take our user-friendly approach to getting professional images


There was not a single photo that disappointed me! The process of selecting and retouching afterwards went like a breeze. A real gem in the world of photography.

Amy Nunes | Events coordinator | The Windsor Ballroom



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