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With 20 years of experience, Pat Pinotti, owner of Studio 55 Productions, is as passionate about photography today, as he was when he founded his first studio in Montreal.

His natural, friendly and creative style is his trademark. In this sense, he constantly strives to capture the essence of your event and the best of yourself.

Highly dependable to create remarkable images, a hassle-free mind-set, with special attention to providing an excellent customer experience. You’ll be convinced from your first visit.

Paul Fournier held the position of second for over 15 years, significantly contributing to the growth of Studio 55.

Paul, a photographer in Montreal, stands out for his unwavering commitment to precision and attention to detail. Possessing a keen eye, he excels as a camera technician, specializing in interior shots, buildings, architecture, and product photography. He can also seamlessly operate drones, capturing breathtaking perspectives.

Over the years, he has tackled the challenges of numerous prestigious events, showcasing not only his technical expertise but also infusing a creative touch to his work through his sharp photo editing skills.

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