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Uncover your workplace

Corporate photography allows you to highlight your team and their workplace through a guided, semi-candid style. These images become more and more important to show the authenticity of your business.  Much more human and personal than stock images, corporate photos are today essential elements to adorn your website and your social networks.


Pat’s approach brings out the working atmosphere of your company in its most beautiful light by offering simple and effective scenes. Seeking to enhance the human and pleasant side of your team as much as the serious and professional aspect of your company.


A friendly experience

You will enjoy being guided through our photographer's scenes using his unique tips and skills. You will be put at ease by our friendly and entertaining approach which promises authentic looking images. 

Trust us to bring out the best in your working environment.


Everyone was comfortable and the results will be splendid

Fanny Mooijekind | Head, Performance Marketing | ThinkMax



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